Class 12

This page contains the class 11 subjects for which NCERT Solutions are available.
Class 12 is a major exam for many curriculums both at central and state levels. Apart from preparing for the class 12 examms, students should also start focussing on the competitive examinations like JEE, CUET etc. Apart from the class 12 syllabus related topics, the students should also have good command over the concepts learned in class 11. Many a time, it’ll help to grasp the concepts of class 12 easily, apart from keeping themselves up-to-date for the competitive exams that they are going to face in the coming days. Few of the competitive exams like JEE starts while the students are in the class 12 itself. Apart from their subjects, they’ve to face additional general awareness or numerical ability questions in some competitive examinations. In addition to this, they’ve an additional task of watching out for the notifications to submit their applications for the competitive examinations.
Some universities even consider cut-off marks of class 12 as the necessary criteria (apart from qualifying in the competitive examinations, if any). So, putting the best of the best efforts is necessary in class 12 exams. So, dedicated schedule is important. And keeping a uniform preparation right from day 1 will helps to make the entire excercise to be a cake-walk.
We hope our materials help the students a lot in their pursuit of educational endeavours to a great extent.

NCERT Solutions for class 12 are available for the following subjects: