Eduxir is in the growth up stage and gaining popularity day by day as an innovative plaform that cater to the learning needs of the students, not just in India but around the world.
We’re aiming to provide an extensive coverage of all your educational requirements. Keep visiting to see the progress. This includes the national curriculum like CBSE, ICSE but also the curriculum covered by the various states.

Irrespective of the curriculum which they are in students often find the information and knowledge they gain from these curriculum are more or less the same. After completing a certain level like class 10 or class 12, they find that their level of understanding in various aspects of the curriculum is matching. Few curriculum have a concept covered in basic levels and few of them cover at a higher level. However as they have to face same competitive examinations, they need a deeper understanding of each of the concepts, once they start preparing the competitive examinations.

This requires that the preparation is confined to their respective curriculum for the regular examinations. However they need to cover the aspects from the other curriculum, for the competitive examinations. Thus though the students have opted for a specific curriculum for the examinations, they need to touch the other curriculum also to have a deep understanding of the concepts in each of the subjects.

This is where a platform like Eduxir comes into picture where in students have the opportunity to master not only the subjects in their curriculum but also they have the other curriculum available handy and get an insight into more deeper coverage of the academic concepts. The advantage is that all these platforms are available in a common place and both students and teachers find it handy to cover various concepts.

It is not just for the students or teachers, the basic to advanced concepts covered will be helpful for even the professionals, business executives, engineers etc where in they want to brush up their concepts and get a deeper understanding of the basics.

Presented in a simple yet powerful fashion, Eduxir serves the needs of all those who are seeking a deeper understanding of the concepts. Apart from these there are those enthusiasts who want to improve their understanding of the various subjects. For instance, an engineer want more insight into the entrepreneurial concepts or a lawyer wants to learn an art or a business executive wants learn the concepts of psychology.
For now, we’re covering the following curriculum. However, the list goes on increasing as the time progresses.