In today’s competitive world it becomes imperative to keep yourself ahead of others. The availability of the right resources and material is critical to prepare ourselves to face the competition. Eduxir has been started to cater to all your educational needs by providing a common platform where in everyone has something to take away and get benefited. We welcome everyone to join us and make Eduxir an outstanding learning platform. Hope our endeavor will help you to take you closer to success. We’re focusing on not just providing the notes to the users but also valuable information on other resources which the users can find very useful during the learning process.
Our efforts have started showing fruitful results and Eduxir has gained popularity not just in India but earned fans from all over the world. Student and teachers found it equally valuable. We have started few years back. Though we had very less amount of material during the initial stages, it measured up to the qualitative needs among the student community and helped them achieve excellent academic heights in their learning process. Our visitors are not just those with the academic learning needs but also professionals who want to refresh or upgrade their knowledge.
Apart from providing the required knowledge resources, Eduxir is aiming to provide various additional information like the details about the competitive exams, various opportunities which they can pursue in their future learning process, career prospects etc.
Eduxir is created totally with the easy learning as the goal, to create an easy learning platform with you in mind. This reduces the effort that is required by you to grasp a concept and at the same time to have a strong foothold on the concept. The videos created as part of the learning process will help you not only to understand the concepts easily but also to help you retain the learned concepts for longer term easily and succinctly. Go through the videos wherever they are available and savor the learning while having fun. The videos project the audio + video + cognitive senses to work and help you to retain the concepts strongly.
Eduxir is still in beta development. As of now we are focusing on bringing the information related to the business academia, we will have valuable contribution even to the science community too. Keep visiting back and provide your valuable suggestions to improve. You can reach us through the Contact Us link.
And we are looking for the VC to get this project funded and take it to the next level. Please let’s know or refer us so someone who is interested.