Class 11

This page contains the class 11 subjects for which NCERT Solutions are available.
Class 11 is an intermediate point where in the students have completed the class 10 and moved into new environment. All the preceding years, the subjects remained more or less same from class to class. But in class 11, they get an opportunity to choose to study the subjects of their choice. Often, many students go in the path that they have chosen and for many, this is the point that lays foundation for their future studies and career path.
That said, having a good foundation of the subjects in class 11 is very important. It not only revises the concepts that are learnt in the previous classes but also lays foundation of the basics for the upcoming classes. Class 11 should be considered with atmost enthusiasm and students should make the best of their time to get themselves acquainted with the concepts and learnings.
For many curriculums, NCERT books are prescribed. So, we tried to provide the solutions for the questions/problems available in the books. Every effort is made to make the things easier for the students in their learning process. Use these materials after spending considerable amount of time to come up with a solution yourself, instead of just referring to it in the first go. That will help you not only increase the depth of knowledge and also help to retain permanantly what is learned.

NCERT Solutions for class 11 are available for the following subjects: