NCERT Solutions

This page contains the classes for which the NCERT solutions are available.
NCERT books are goto reference for not only central and state curriculms but also for many competitive exams both after school/junior college and also after graduation. Even job aspirants who prepare for may government job exams rely heavily on the NCERT books. This not only gives us an idea about how important the topics covered in the NCERT books are but also how important they are now as well as in the future. So, preparation with NCERT books at this stage and learning the concepts thoroughly not only helps the students in their upcoming competitive exams but also it helps them in various other exams (either for higher studies or for jobs) also.
These books are prepared at central levels and are regarded as books prepared with very good standards. The authors are highly educated in their respective areas and their experience clearly reflects in the content available in the books. After completing each book, students are academically far better than they were before and are equipped with better knowledge. The questions given in the books not only challenges the knowledge of the students but also their analytical skills. So, they also inculcate thinking in the students and focus not just on the concept but also in the holistic development of the kids in the corresponding subjects.
We tried to cover the solutions so that it’ll be of additional help for the students in their learning process. We advise the students to spend enough time to prepare the answers themselves before referring to these solutions and use it as an additional help in their learning process.

NCERT Solutions are available for the following classes: