Class XI

In the life of a student, getting into class xi brings a lot of changes. For some, there is a change of college. For some students, there is a change of curriculum (People will move from ICSE to CBSE, CBSE to SSC etc). For some students, it is an opportunity to adopt their favourite subjects completely, and need not worry about those subjects which they do not like.

What a student decides in class 11 will determine their future. At this point, people have already decided whether they want to be entrepreneurs, business executives, marketing professionals, scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers or accountants. Depending on their choice and future course of direction they will have an option to choose the subjects they like. The subjects chosen at this stage will have a profound impact on the rest of their lives and the careers that they are going to adopt. At this stage, it is a good idea to choose the subjects that you like most rather than to choose the subjects which are more popular or have lot of hype surrounding them. Also, it is a wise to take advise from subject matter experts and future prospects.

CBSE has started adding more and more subjects to keep pace with the contemporary times and to cater to the best interests of the students. However, not all the subjects offered by CBSE are available in all the schools/colleges. Few schools/colleges will provide a small assortment of subjects depending on the interest of the students in the local premises. There will be few instances where in a subject longed by the student may not be available in a college. However it is not a cause of concern. There are lot of resources available online (like Eduxir), where in the students can study what they like most. The advancement in the information technology has made this all possible.

What we learn in class 11 forms the basis for class 12 and is very important. For many students, class 11 itself is the start of preparation for competitive examinations. So, it is wise to keep yourself up to date in class xi so that it will be easier both in class xii and in the upcoming competitive examinations. Moreover, the base that forms in these two years becomes a strong foundation in the higher studies and there on. So, hard work and smart work both are essential at this stage.

At eduxir we starting to provide the students more comprehensive study material and notes and provide them information related to their academic needs. We are constantly trying to add more and more material as the time progresses so that a wide range of student community can benefit from all these.
For now, we are providing CBSE class xi notes in the following subject(s)