Class XII

CBSE class 12 is the most crucial academia in the life of CBSE students. Completion of this year will open up the doors to higher education in various courses. The performance of the student in this year will determine their future to a great extent. As the students have to prepare for their boards as well as the competitive exams, it becomes more challenging.
However an amazing thing is that there are more and more resources for preparation of the CBSE board examinations which are available both online and offline. With the internet revolution, more and more students have started to adopt the internet resources whether it is a video tutorial or online coaching from professional experts in the corresponding subjects.

The students usually continue to study the subjects that they have opted for in their class 11. In a major portion the subject’s level of complexity will be more than that of in class 11 . This is not just a coincidence but due to the fact that the student mind is more matured and their grasping capabilities are improved in this year and it is at this time that they are exposed to problem solving and real life applications.

CBSE class XII provides a wide range of subjects to choose from ranging from science, commerce, arts and handicrafts. However, all these subjects are not available in the schools. Only few chosen electives will be available from which the students can choose their favorite subjects (this happens in class 11) and it continues in class 12.

Thus class 12 is a crucial year for the students. So, they need to put more dedication and effort right from the start of the academic year. This will help them not only achieve great heights in their lives but also to grasp a good command over the subjects. It also makes it easier for them to understand the subjects that they are going to study in the coming years. This forms the foundation for what is going to come up. As part of our constant endeavor to help the student community, we have provided CBSE class 12 notes for the following subjects.

Please note that though we have very few subjects available here, we are constantly working on adding more subjects and updating to make your learning experience a pleasure. All the best and get ready for a bright future prospects.