Arihant All In One ENTREPRENEURSHIP CBSE Class 11th

Arihant’s All in One series is a rocking brand available and very popular among the lecturers and pupils. It got lot of hype and appreciation from the CBSE class 11 entrepreneurship student and teacher community after the first pulication itself. All in One Entrepreneurship has been authored keeping in mind students of Class XI, as per the revised syllabus regulations from CBSE. Students find easy explanations authored by well experienced authors in the field. Definitely it’ll be a great learning resource for the students going to attech the class 11 entrepreneurship tests.

The content ensures that there is comprehensive material leaving room for great practice and overall assessment. Entire content is divided into well organized chapters as follows (totalling to 26).

  1. Concept and Functions of Entrepreneurship
  2. Need, Myths and Process of Entrepreneurship
  3. Types of Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurship
  4. Competencies of an Entrepreneur and Concept of Ethics
  5. Entrepreneurial Values, Attitudes and Motivation
  6. Business Idea and Its Feasibility Study
  7. Business Plan and Its Execution
  8. Society’s Role in Promoting Entrepreneurship and Women Entrepreneurs
  9. Entrepreneurs as Problem Solvers and Innovators
  10. Social Entrepreneurship
  11. Business Risks and Role of Technology in Today’s Business
  12. Barriers to Entrepreneurship and Support System of Government
  13. Market and Market Environment
  14. Marketing Research
  15. Expanding Markets
  16. Business and Its Types
  17. Marketing Mix
  18. Introduction to Accounting and Cash Register
  19. Types of Cost
  20. Income Statement and Cash Flow Projection
  21. Break-Even Analysis and Taxes
  22. Basic Resources and Their Mobilisation
  23. Business Finance and Financial Planning
  24. Sources of Finance
  25. Meaning of Business and Classification of Business Enterprises
  26. Mentorship and Sources of Information

The book totally compatible with the up-to-date CBSE syllabus and Entrepreneurship NCERT Textbook. Each and every chapter is further classified into related tub-topics so that the students find it very easy to digest the subject and gain expertise. Every topic is covered with comprehensive theoretical insight and supportive diagrams, tables, process flow charts etc. This will ensure that the learning is comprehensive and efficient and in-depth. For practice, every chapter is accompanied at the end with practice short, long, HOTS practice (NCERT questions are also part of these questions). As these questions include the past year questions, students find it very helpful from the perspective of their final examination. One key aspect is that all these questions were not just provided, even the solutions and detailed explanations are also covered to make learning less stressful and long lasting and easy. After completing the course, one key aspect the students will be looking forward is the sample questions. This book covers even the sample questions too so that it is easier for the students.

It is no surprise that this book has proved itself and stood as one of the bestselling books among the cbse class 11 entrepreneurship student community and it has done and has been doing a great job helping the students to score best grades in their examinations.

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Author: Ritu Batra
Publisher: Arihant Publications
Cover: Paper back
Pages: 275 pages